5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Warehouse Management System

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Warehouse Management System

Majority of people in the distribution industry and warehousing today knows the benefits of using a Warehouse Management System (WMS), these includean increased order accuracy, a faster picking and receiving times, a better inventory control, and many more. Below are Five (5) Compelling Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Warehouse Management System

  1. Reducing Employee Theft

The volume of employee theft is booming as the industry also grows bigger. Theft related to warehouse usually cost the industry around $80 billion yearly. This kind of theft is mostly a serious problem for distributors carrying wire, copper pipe, or various other accessible items that are easy to sell which are of relatively high value. Stories of warehouse managers have emerged with most of them starting their own fraudulent companies to resell items which they stole from their employer’s warehouses. And without evidence, nobody will like to accuse an employee. Therefore, a Warehouse Management System can help the management to isolate exactly what’s missing from the warehouse; this will bring an early warning that employee theft is taking place.

  1. Tracking Employee Metrics

A warehouse management system also needs to know and understand how well or poorly employees are doing their tasks. This information could be used by managers to reward high performers, and also identify those falling behind the curve. If managers depend on real data and not subjective feedback or other people’s perceptions, then employees feel validated. Employee metrics are used by few customers to encourage team building and by charting team publicly and performance of individuals using a screen in the warehouse which is centrally located. It encourages friendly competition between workers and everyone to become even more productive as a cohesive team. In some cases, it enables the team to pick up pace towards the end of the day because there is visibility to how many orders left to be filled.

  1. Keeping Up with Competitors

Sometimes companies wait till the final step to purchase a Warehouse Management System until theneighbouring warehouse down the street does. And most times, it is often too late. Some companies would act faster because they don’t want to be left behind.

  1. Improving Supplier Confidence and Warehouse Appearance

A disorganized warehouse brings a bad impression on potential customers or suppliers. Warehouse Management System is implemented to some distributor Because they know that future partners are more likely to work with them. No need to worry when warehouse looks organized. When a supplier ispassing by and saw your Warehouse disorganized, they may not be able to trust you again and therefore, may stop you from showcasing or representing their products.

  1. Staying Compliant with Customer Requirements

Most retailer customers require distributors to meet with certain criteria, like supplying electronic data interchange (EDI) or particular electronic inventory data, this is to enable the company to manage shipping more efficiently, via an industry-supported system.

Customer expectations will keep on increasing and driving further improvements in Warehouse Management System flexibility to embrace these requirements. Every organization wants to work smarter, hence many big distributors today are investing in Warehouse Management System mostly to handle ongoing customer needs and also to be more profitable while doing it.warehouse software solutions by Meade Willis has been on popular demand for its reliability and efficiency.

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