5 Unique Concepts You Can Try For Your First Event

5 Unique Concepts You Can Try For Your First Event

Events are good, but many people are getting bored to come to an event because of its cycle. GEVME also said that boredness is also the reason why people are leaving early at activities or they are yawning afterward. The big question is, how can you change the pace of the occasion to create a more prosperous and healthy event?

Proposing Outdoor Events

It is the type of event that became more popular especially for weddings, christening and other kiddie and neutral parties. Clients nowadays had enough of regular events like purchasing one night of this location and so forth, it is like there is no more thrill on that thing.

If you can find suppliers who can rent portable warehousing, then it is better, because not only that your client will spend less, but it is more exciting to create an event outdoors. Just pray that there is no rain on that date or you might run some errands

Pool events

To be honest, change is good sometimes. However, not all clients are quite young, but it is still possible to throw a pool party. It is a celebration where the guests are involved in activities in the swimming pool. Also, this party helps people to be more proactive and stabilizing that it is not just an event, but it is also a party wherein these people are free whenever they want to do.

For best results, propose this to your client if you are an event planner or organizer or set this event in times of summer if you want to do it on your own family.


Masquerade started in the 15th century, which is one of the oldest festivals in the history. Also, the primary purpose of this occasion is to hide the identity of the person with use of a mask which all of you wears the same and elegant costumes.

The event is often featured in several tv series, which is quite formal and thrilling. Imagine you will wear a mask and you do not know who are you talking to, a quite curious right? In masquerade events, transparency is there, and great conversations are being built even without showing the person’s face

Film Screening

Hosting a movie screening is good especially if the film is excellent. However, you need to purchase public screening license, and then you will get a screening kit. The kit consists of marketing materials that you can customize and other pieces of information necessary for your movie screening.

However, a film showing might cost a lot of bucks, but if the movie that you plan to cover is Star Wars, then it is a good choice.


It is the perfect time to host this type of event especially we are living in a digital world now. Not because it is a Hackathon it will involve hacking, as the primary purpose of this is to form a team and create software which can help a certain amount of tasks or even a campaign.

Also, it is not the event where programmers are only welcome as other fields are highly encouraged to join. Whether you are a journalist, video editor, graphic designer, there will be a place for you to join here.

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