Are You Looking for a Clean Burning Firewood Alternative?

Are You Looking for a Clean Burning Firewood Alternative?

Does keeping up with the demands of your wood stove during the winter keep you busy all summer long? Too many people spend their entire summer living only to prepare for winter and that is a serious shame. Most of their winter is spent cleaning up the mess that their wood burning stove creates. Living your entire life around your winter heat source robs you of so many opportunities, but you cannot let your family be cold. So, what can you do to ensure that you are still able to live your life and enjoy a warm winter? Consider using a firewood alternative!

Just like any other heating source, you do have options for your wood burning stove. You do not have to deal with the mess associated with burning wood logs. There are cleaner alternatives to burning regular wood and cutting down and curing trees all year long. Check out these wood alternatives to burn in your fireplace, wood burning stove, or outdoor fire pit. 

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Products like BIO BLOCKS can provide you with better heat, cleaner burning, and a more reliable heating source. They are a clean source of wood that can be stored indoors without dragging in bugs and insects. Even if you burn these blocks every day, you should only need to remove ashes once or twice a year.

These blocks are made of compressed, kiln-dried wood, which provides an extremely high BTU output. BIO BLOCKS last longer than traditional wood because they are more compact. Because of the high BTU output, you may need to evaluate the square footage of your space before you decide how many to burn at a time.

Make Your Own Newspaper Logs
If you are looking for a wood alternative for your outdoor patio, you can make your own from something almost every home has … newspaper. This wood alternative does involve some work, but it can be used in an outdoor fire pit, patio pit, or even your wood burning stove, just like any other log.

How to Make Your Own Newspaper Firewood Logs

  • Soak the newspaper in water for at least an hour.
  • Lay your papers out in stacks of 3 but stagger them so they do not overlap each other completely.
  • Wrap the paper as tight as you can around a dowel, squeezing it as you go.
  • Continue rolling sets of 3 newspapers onto the roll until your newspaper log reaches the desired thickness. 
  • Allow it to dry completely before burning it.

Newspaper fire logs do produce quite a bit of ash. However, they are great for burning on the patio and if you are in a pinch. They do burn faster than traditional logs, or the BIO BLOCKS mentioned previously. However, they are a great way to recycle that stack newspapers you have collected in the corner.

If you are looking for great alternatives to burning traditional logs, these options are a great place to start. There are many other log alternatives on the market that can provide you with amazing heat and ambient light.


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