Contractor Franchise Opportunities Help Your Business Diversify

Contractor Franchise Opportunities Help Your Business Diversify

The insurance restoration industry is definitely more stable than the construction industry, which tends to fluctuate significantly depending on the state of the economy, the season, weather, etc. Disasters, unfortunately, always occur, however, and there is work to be done when they do. Property owners want to get their buildings back in working order as soon as possible. As a contractor who provides disaster restoration services, you’re taking a step to diversify your customer base. Contractor franchise opportunities like this are few.

Working with us, you’ll be in the middle of a multi-billion dollar market providing services to residential and commercial customers who have to deal with water, fire, and environmental losses. They want their lives to return back to normal as soon as possible, and you are their link to the fulfillment of that need. By providing help from the beginning of the project through to when it’s finished, you will have gained loyal customers who will be happy to refer you to someone they know facing a similar situation.

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We provide all the support you will need to get started and to grow your business so that it thrives for years to come. We will train you in the processes, procedures, and technology necessary to get your business off the ground.

The profit margins with our contractor franchise opportunities are good. For general construction projects, the rate is four percent, and for emergency services jobs, it is 8 percent. Emergency services is charged out at a higher rate, so the profit margins are higher for you for these types of jobs.

No two days of work are the same when you diversify your construction business to including disaster restoration. You never know whether a pipe broke or if a house suffered fire damage. You will meet wonderful and interesting people, and you won’t be stuck behind a desk for hours every day. We will teach you how to file the insurance paperwork necessary in this industry, but our processes are effective and efficient. Diversifying your contracting business is a smart financial move.

You will be one of the few, if not the only disaster restoration company in your area. Your territory is likely to have between 280,000 and a million people. You will be one of only a few companies that provide full-service disaster restoration and general construction services. Having one company to go to for your customers is reassuring as they won’t have to deal with more than one organization to complete the project. These contractor franchise opportunities are going fast, so contact us today.

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