Do You Need A San Antonio Tax Debt Relief Attorney?

Do You Need A San Antonio Tax Debt Relief Attorney?

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of debt you owe the IRS? Are other bills falling behind as you struggle to make ends meet? If this is your current situation, then you need a San Antonio tax debt relief attorney. Not only will a debt relief attorney help you to understand your current state of affairs, but we can often help you get out from under your debt. With so many complex tax codes and laws, it is better to have an attorney mitigate your situation than an accountant. A tax accountant may be able to crunch the numbers, but a tax debt relief attorney in San Antonio, can usually better negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. At the Law Office Of Tony Ramos, we want to help alleviate some of the stress that this debt may be causing you and help you once and for all get control of your debt. You can find more information on why you should choose a debt relief attorney, how we can often help save you money, and the free reports that we offer for the public on our website, below.

The Benefits Of Hiring a San Antonio Tax Debt Relief Attorney

Tax laws and codes can be confusing and complex. Plus, who wants to take the time to read through all that tiny print? Saving you time from reading all the tax mumbo-jumbo is definitely a perk of hiring a San Antonio tax debt relief attorney, but there are many more benefits than just that. Here are just some of the benefits you will receive when you work with The Law Office Of Tony Ramos:

  • Attorney-Client Privilege – Whenever you work with any type of attorney, you must be able to tell them exactly what is going so that they can better help you with your case. The same is true about debt relief attorneys. Being able to have full disclosure with your attorney allows us to better serve you and all your information will remain confidential.
  • Tax Negotiations – When it comes to tax laws, you want a debt relief attorney on your side. Usually they can negotiate through the complex tax system better than non-attorneys. There is no one size fits all formula for tax laws, and we can help to negotiate with the IRS about your debt by understanding and advocating laws on your behalf.
  • Representation – Don’t want to talk to the IRS? You normally don’t have to because with Power Of Attorney representation, your tax debt relief attorney will be able to correspond, sit in on meetings, and go to court for you!

How To Save Money And Get Out Of IRS Debt

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Another benefit of hiring a San Antonio tax debt relief attorney, is that we can sometimes help you not pay as much as the IRS is asking from you. Below are just a few ways that you may be able to alleviate some of your debt from the IRS:

  • Do you want to lower your debt to the IRS, forever? At our office based in San Antonio, we can help you file an Offer-in-Compromise application that will often greatly reduce the amount of debt you owe the IRS. You can see if this is the right option for you when you come in for a free case evaluation.
  • Are you unable to pay the debt owed to the IRS? If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be able to file an application for CNC or Currently Not Collectible status. After you are able to prove your case to the IRS (we help with this) you will not be obligated to pay your debt until your tax returns indicate that you have sufficient income to start making payments.

The Law Office Of Tony Ramos understands how important it is for our client’s to get and stay out of IRS debt. From Partial Payment Installment Agreements to Innocent Spouse Relief, we are dedicated to helping you get out from under the IRS. Our experienced team will be able to support your request for relief, however we can. We look forward to start helping you become  free of some or all of your tax debt.

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