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People who don’t have any source of income and they want to earn money from the comfort of their home can go through online business. This can be possible by writing a blog or become a blog writer. If you are going to write a blog and want to know how to make an income from your blog even when you have just started. You should follow some strategies to make money online.

Blog writer have the ability to change the opinion of others by writing a blog. If you are going to write a blog this can be a huge advantage to you. You can brand yourself as a knowledgeable individual in the eyes of others and if people like and comment on your blog, you go right ahead. This will help you to make huge money online.

Interact with your readers by webinars-if you are successfully interact with your readers you will find questions coming your way. People who need help will come to you and you help them with your solutions. The thing you have to do is to sell the seats of your answers on Google hangout session for $50 only.

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Freelancing-Once your blog looks good and with full of comments then you are doing well. You have done your work perfectly when your readers need someone to pen stuff that is aligned with your interest and you are the one who pops first in their mind.

Product launches-Product launches play the scarcity card very heavily. Like an eBooks set and small courses, a product launches are basically publish your products. On this you can send a sequence of your email list and question your reader about the most pressuring problem they would like to solve. If they are interested to try your stuff to make their life better, you can offer them a time sensitive ‘buy’ link.  

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