Qualities of a Good Paper Shredder

Qualities of a Good Paper Shredder

If you are considering including a paper shredder as one of the office supplies you need for your business, you may be wondering what qualities you should be gunning for. The question is ‘what makes a good shredder?’ or rather ‘what are the qualities of a good shredder?’ The first thing you must determine is why you need a shredder and where it’ll be mostly used. This helps prevent you from procuring a home shredder for your place of work and vice versa. Whether a home or office shredder, you have to consider the listed features when shopping for paper shredders at 123ink Canada.


A shredder’s shredding capacity as well as the size of its waste container are good factors in deciding how robust the shredder is. The more sheets a shredder can shred, the more robust the shredder. Capacity is a factor dependent on purpose. This means to get a shredder with the appropriate capacity for the job.

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Bin Volume

You don’t want to spill tiny pieces of paper shreds on your floor or desk so be sure that the shredder’s waste bin can accommodate the number of sheets you want to shred. A shredder whose shredding capacity is 20-4- sheets a time but can only hold 10 gallons of paper would give you a frustrating experience as you’ll have to empty the bin continuously.

Security Level

This is another important feature to consider when shredder shopping. There exist 6 different shredder security levels. The higher the security level, the tinier the particles and more secured the shredder will be. High-security level shredders are used by businesses whose security level threats are high.  A level 3 shredder is ideal for most office shredding.

Cut Style

Some shredders cut in strips while others cut across. Strip shredders are usually considered at a maximum of security level 2. However, there are some level 3 strip shredders. Cross shredders can also cut in diamond ad confetti-like patterns. It is recommended to procure a cross-cut style shredder over a strip cut style shredder.


This includes the material from which the shredder gears are made of. Some shredders use nylon gears rather than the common metal gears. Nylon gears have been observed to break or strip within its first year of use or first two years of use.

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