Self Storage Savings

Self Storage Savings

Storage costs vary widely depending on location. Expect to pay more for a highly visible, purpose built self storage building in a city center. On the other hand, you should find costs lower for a converted building tucked away on an industrial site. Always get a least 3 quotes and let each operator know that you are shopping around. If you’ve got the time it’s well worth visiting the operators you call. Some offer climate-controlled units; these tend to be more expensive. Consider whether your things will be damaged by extremes in temperature. You may be charged more for an easy access ground floor unit. Will you need to access your belongings regularly? If not choose a cheaper room. If you do need regular access, it may be worth paying the premium, so you can come and go easily.

The key question is how often you’ll need to access your belongings whilst they are in storage. If you don’t need access and you live in a city, it may well be much cheaper to find a storage provider outside the city limits. And remember, self storage is a competitive business. You should be able to negotiate lower prices, particularly if you have evidence of a cheaper quote from a competitor.

Save You Money

Nearly every storage company uses special offers to attract customers. These offers should be more generous if you intend to stay for longer periods (6+ months) and if you can pay in advance. Many customers do not consider the removal costs required to put things into storage and also to move them out.

Self storage companies just store your belongings. It is your responsibility to move your things in and out of storage. Hiring a van or arranging your own removals can be expensive. Always check if your self storage company will help you to move in – this could save you a lot of money.

Your items need to be insured when they are in storage. Some home insurance policies provide cover for items in storage. If they do provide cover, you will need proof for the storage company. If not, the storage company can provide insurance for you. Check the cost of this insurance. Some companies put a value for the insurance you need to pay depending on the size of the room you take. This can over-insure you and be expensive.

All self storage companies usually charge a deposit. This is normally the same as the cost of 4 weeks storage for the room size you choose. Some companies reduce this cost if you pay by direct debit or credit card. Check the deposit amount and period. Do they reduce the deposit for direct debit or credit card payments?

Storage units Columbus usually charge for self storage in advance. This is normally 4 weeks or a calendar month. Check if any unused days are refunded when you move out. Most companies will refund any unused days when you move out providing you comply with their notice period.

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