Staale Fossberg Clarifies Significant Details About Trading and Investing

Staale Fossberg Clarifies Significant Details About Trading and Investing

Trading and investing are two very distinctive methods of making more money in the financial markets. Trading basically involves buying and selling the stocks within a short span of time. On the other hand, investment refers to building wealth over an extended period of time. Investors and traders essentially approach the stock market with similar objective but utilize diverse technique. Their aim is to maximize the return but in varied ways.

Staale Fossberg explains significant details about trading and investing that one must understand before choosing any of these options

Trading suggest to a system of transfer of financial product assisted by the stock exchange in which the seller relocate stocks to the buyer for a price, supported by the parties. On the other hand, investing refers to the act of keeping the money to work on a variety of Investment paths, to grow money over a period of time.

Staale Fossberg, the CEO of MPT or My Private Trade says in trading, the trader does a technological study to analyze the securities and predict their trends in future, by the data received through trading activity. While in case of investing the investor has to carry out fundamental analysis to analyze the project, product or plan, to estimate its inherent value. Another vital uniqueness that exists between trading and investment is that the time horizon for holding the security, in case of the trading purpose is short. In contrast, when money is invested in a stock, then the time horizon for holding the asset is reasonably longer than in the case of trading. However, there is one similarity as well that exists between them and that is both investing and trading depend on future trends of the market, and expectation is uncertain. However, when it comes to the risk factor, it is high in case of trading than that of investing.

Staale further states that when it comes to trading, continuous tracking of stock is required on a regular basis as this helps to prevent loss. On the contrary, investing necessitates an active monitor by the investor, to earn a profit when the market is positive. In addition to this, stock investors time and again need to search for undervalued stocks for investment. Thus the investors need to have patience and propensity to cling to stocks until the market realizes their genuine value. Traders, in contrast, are not at all worried about the evaluation of the stock. They are just concerned about the price movement. They are prepared to purchase an overvalued stock in case the price movement suggests so. Likewise, they can sell underrated stock in case the price is in descending direction.

Previous to his stint as the CEO and of creator My Private Trade, Staale Fossberg has been working as the company director for a large number of companies, such as Jungle Norway Limited, Conecto Invest Limited, and Superdobro LTD. With the assistance of Mr. Fossberg, My Private Trade inspires its affiliates to believe that they can produce income by being good salespeople and networkers, and that they can be part of the world’s chief marketplace.

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