What is ration card

What is ration card

Hello friends this is the block number 2 in the series of blogs which I will be writing in the series of finding all the government cards various kind of government cards like PAN Card Aadhar Card ration card extra

exedra so today we are ration what is ration card

This is the first question which comes in our mind when we think about ration card online so hi friends let’s start this journey about understanding what is a ration card and why is it important

So ration card is a Official Document which is Which is given by the State Government of India to all the households to all the people who are looking to use the ration card .It is used to buy food grains and other things at a subsidized rate from government allotted places

Under the act of national Food security act all the governments we’re supposed to find household who should be given ration card this was to protect the rights of people who are not living a very good life and want to buy food grains at a subsidized rates

there are basically two type of ration card

First one is priority ration card as the name suggests priority ration card is given on priority this is given to those households who are eligible for getting a ration card only.

This eligibility is set by the state government and not by the central government the main part of this kind of ration card is that the person gets 5 kg of Food grain per member so for example if you have 4 members in your family each member can get 5 kg of food grain which will equal to 20 kg whereas if you have 10 people in your family every person can get 5 kg of food grain which will come 2:50

Second type of card is entire there which is also called as a a y this is the kind of card which is given to very very poor people who are not able to afford much of the food at their household income the difference between the first card which is the priority ration card and a a y card is that every person gets 35 kg of food grain in the a a y kind of card

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